Flower Child Beautiful Child

Bottled up inside Are the things I never said, The feelings that I hide, The lines you never read You can see it in my eyes, Read it on my face, Trapped inside are lies, Of the past I can't replace With memories that linger, And won't seem to go away, Why can't I be happier? Today's a brand new day
Yesterdays are over Even though the hurting is not, Nothing lasts forever, I must cherish what I've got
Don't take my love for granted, For soon it will be gone, All you've ever wanted, Of the love you thought you won
The feelings I have now Won't disappear overnight, But somehow, someway everything will be alright I'm leaving now To slay the foe Fight my battles High and low I'm leaving
Hear me go Please bless me today I've grown my wings, I want to fly Seize my victories where they lie
I'm going guys, but please don't cry Just let me find my way
I want to see, and touch, and hear, Though there are dangers, thoughts, and fears,
I'll smile my smiles, and wipe my tears Please let me speak my say
I'm off to find, my world, my dreams, Carve my niche, sew my seams Remember as I sail my seas,
I'll love you all the way
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