No mental No physical can life just be this easy No worries No stress let's relax I would dwell on the past but that's the past and we're on to the future making things happen seeing new beginnings with new people I just call my life the trail and error run and I move so effortlessly through it You may not know my vision and see me with no clear path but trust me it's laid out I know what I want in life and I will put everything into it to get it.  

Just to state what I put together with the Brand Effortless Shirt was a pair of Boyfriend jeans(A.E.) open toes heels and a hat and some sunnies 

Come Party With A Big Girl

This shirt is one of the ShopKochic.com pieces that was made by my sister I really like the way this shirt was made because it looks as if it was a party on my shirt but it's really nice fabric from Mexico and put together to get this shirt paired with some boyfriend jeans and flat-form sandles. I'm just loving how we are coming up with so many cool ideas to put together our collection for our website Make sure to check it out.  

New Damn Stats

And to think that you ever thought I would take a break and never come back even I would laugh at that one Because the city that I come from doesn't cut me any slack once you stop you can quickly be ghost town that's why for me I come back even harder than before I can consider myself to be the Fashion Monster in my city I attend every event dressed and all the questions asked well just keep checking Shoesncupcakess for everything I rock Bitches until next OOTD
The Dress that I am wearing is something totally new from everything I normally wear on my blog I have on one of my collection pieces from my sister and I online store of course ShopKochic.com Feel the need to check the shop more than welcome