Not a Flat but a FabWalker

See I sometimes have these moments where I'm stuck between an ooooh so super cute 5inch and an ok looking flat (by the way I'm not a fan) but out shopping in this crazy rain I came across these steals at JCrew so I had to get them to me I thought they were just as cute as a heel with all this cute little decor on them yes if I were to ever get another flat they have to come close to this look. Can't wait to blog some ways I'll be wearing them until next time fashion stalkers


A friend of mine showed me this wonderful picture of wings btw which are vegan and I was so amazed I had to know the spot and and name of this place. Yes blackbird Pizzaeria all vegan everything I'm so in love with this place I had so much food as you can see trying all different pizzas and the smoked mustard wings were really good something I truly enjoyed I'm glad I found out about this place. If you're vegan or want to try some cool vegan spots check it out you'll love it. 

I love you Jimmy

I love you Jimmy and I've always have since I was such a small girl. When I asked for ice cream my favorite kind has always been vanilla with Jimmy's on top some may call them sprinkles but not I so I have some inspiration from the Jimmy's and I created some clothing that is still in the process of being made but I couldn't wait to blog about it I will also post OOTD  using all of my pieces. I'm super excited 
Love Kochic๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹

You're so beautiful.....Vegas

You know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I went there for such a small time but I really had so much fun I got to see a little bit of everything while I was down there notice I don't have any pictures of myself in there because I'm sticking to the code and also I would love to go down there with my sister to have such an awesome time but I love the people I was down there with it was so much fun
PS the rest is for my personal memories lol