Dear Prada,

This is a combination between a boot and an open toe sandal something that is truly a shoe I would love to wear... I'm so obsessed with this new trend of shoes that are out for the spring/summer. You may notice some people with this shoe to be exact it's the devil wearing Prada

We love the Artist

Art is a direct relationship with fashion 

I really feel that this collection for D&G is outstanding the pieces are well put together and every detail is very unique

While I was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art the entire time I was remembering that the Dolce and Gabbana had a Fall 2014 collection that was simialr to much of the artwork in the museum... The pieces were Mary and Joseph with the crown on the heads of the models indicating halos I thought this collection was pretty cool because being in school learning about art history helps me to focus more with the D&G collection.  I enjoyed the nice unique designs of the dishes from the many different artists.