My accessories are to watch

Shoes/gojane PursenShades/H&M

Wearing the Spring/Summer open toe heel Sandals.
     When I first bought my open toe heel sandals I waited for a while to wear them because of course I had to wait for the sun to come out which took a while. I was comparing many different things to bring out the outfit so trying the nudes with the neons can work all the time 

Behind the scenes of the Fashionable loud event

The make-up faces were done by @madonnablack she did a wonderful job on every model face for the show. Check her out for your face to be made 
As you can see this is clearly behind the scenes of the fashion show. What a model goes through before the show. When I say I was standing in one spot for hours in Alexander Wang heel from Revamped it was a bitter sweet feeling because I knew I could't wait to walk the walk on the stage I loved it  

Forget yo Feelings

When I Care How you Feel

Shoes and sunglasses/Notyourstylist wardrobe Shirt/H&M Skirt and stockings/American Apparel

 My words are sometimes speechless I see love can be made everyday of the week I love a beautiful day and yes you can share it with me...I'll strike a pose just to show you what's in my eyes and I'll ask you at the end of the day do you love me???

Dress Down

If we ever need to dress up to dress down 

Denim jean jacket/vintage store Leggings/Buffalo Exchange Playful kicks/ Eternity Fashion
In Rittenhouse the look was quite simple that morning I found a cool place that was matching exactly what I was wearing so I immediately jump onto the first step and started to pose as the camera went on rolling. Everything about the shoot that day was going well