Throw Back Thursdays

So you know that #TBT on Instagram I figure I should do one for my blog post today. So I gathered some old pics from my blog and put them together to create this feeling. So you know how you have memories of the past and certain songs or situations can take you back to that same place Sometimes I feel that way I know so many times I wished for it back but I think that the time has ran it trail and all I can say from this point forward is Learn Life...

Belong to the World

When you look the other way and I can relate to it your gift of nonchalance nobody's ever made me fall in love, I'm not a fool I just love that your dead inside and you taught me how to love, how to feel and I know I should leave you but there is so much more that we need to finish up and I know that I'm saying too much even though I'd rather hold my tongue And I'll pull you closer holding on to Every moment till my time is done And this ain't right, you've been the only one to make me smile
In such long time.                                                                              

Look closely it's about the details
Sunglasses/Mama's Closet
Mesh Peplum/U.O

What's Really Going On

You wanna know what really goes on...well where should I begin oh oh wait I have it the early morning arrival at the location to be in hair and make-up prep and when I say early in the morning I mean it. So I arrive it's maybe around 1 when everything finally gets started but let's keep in mind how long we waited around before hair and make-up started but anyway as you can see the wait was well worth it. As you can see we had a small bathroom photo shoot really talking about how hungry we were lol. The show started maybe around 9ish and it was so chaotic backstage but it was to much fun. I had fun walking the runway. Soon as I can locate the rest of the picture I will post the rest on the blog. Philly Fahsion Week 2013 Season 10 Already can't wait until next year loved it!!!

By The Way I did it Myself

Okay so I started this new thing with myself I'm a designer and a creator so I'm doing a challenge of tearing up all of my clothes and reconstructing or just designing from scratch. Here I have a pair of Express jeans that were in my closet and I sat in one spot tearing, cutting and pulling little strands of material apart until they became so destroyed. I will say in the beginning it took me about two days to finish and towards the end my speed did become faster because I found a different way to do it. I love the way they turned out and I have another pair I will wear with a outfit and have a blog feature.

Almost To Simple

A long ride to the park in Ridley but it was such a nice park that some day I have to go back especially during the warm months... but it was many photographers out shooting anyone for their portfolio it was my first time doing this so I didn't come as prepared as I should have to do exactly what I wanted to do. Next time I will have so many more outfits for the entire day and way more dramatic because this look is really a plain Jane to me. I'm not into simple

Get The London Look

It's a funny story behind this photoshoot on this day first off let's say it was poring down raining and we were looking for a particular place to shoot...well a bar to say and the first bar there was such a huge fight with the crew and the employees at the bar so much arguing and unrelated gang signs that were said throughout the arguments but on our journey we managed to find a bar and it was a huge area so we did many outfit changes in a one room that was so hot...What do you guys think

What the Hell a Flashback

Hey Bloggers I did a fun little photoshoot at Nifty Fifty's and I had so much doing it My sister was my photographer and I woke up around 5am to beat the customers so I could do a shoot without any distractions the whole concept came from recreating the 50's I wore a pink wig to get a little more creative for the scene. I remember eating Milkshakes before 7am just to pull off a certain image and my stomach was hurting the rest of the day sheesh... this is something I really enjoy... The online store will be out just wait on it ShopKochic soon!!!

Can I Cuff you

A hot day on south street with my cousin and my intentions were to get fabric to make a dress for class and I also wanted to blog about my earring that I like to refer to them as Cuffing Bitches I had my cousin snapping a few pictures but of course she really didn't want to take any as usual but I made it happen...I also have one of my favorite snacks as well which is frozen yogurt with Jimmies on top and pinapples... I love my accessories
Earrings (Cuffing Bitches) H&M

Fashion Forecast Mary Katrantzou

Fashion Forecast Mary Katrantzou
For her first resort collection, Mary Katrantzou used her signature prints as a veritable collection of postcards from around the world. Along with her own photographs of high-rise apartment towers in São Paulo, Katrantzou captured snow-capped Swiss Alps, French flower fields, a Japanese bridge, an Italian vineyard, a Chinese fisherman, railway station arcades and so on. The vistas came mashed together in vivid color stories, at times layered with gorgeous embellishments, such as laser-cut Perspex squares placed in the windows of the apartment print, and floral sequins adding dimension to a yellow floral print. Lest the bounty of visual effects turn into a frenzy, Katrantzou delivered it all on relatively clean shapes, such as playsuits, biker jackets, a sweatshirt and dresses with flowy skirts.

Watch out for the Ssssnakes

Can we all say we have been around some snakes before and this is the time we want to let them attack because the snakes are giving us more than a bite they are giving us a fashion statement. The Asos shoe that is the last photo is the shoe I need to invest in I really love the look of the shoe although summer is nearly ending I still love to have it as a fall shoe. Really fashion bloggers what's your take on the snakes being in our fashion world

Goes Without Saying

Goes WIthout SayingSo I know this are so many ways to describe all the goodies I love to enjoy in my life. The summer trends are so super stylish that I have more reasons to dress up all different ways and I am taking huge risks this time around playing with all the different styles... tell me what are some of your goodies this summer  

Are The Gods speaking to Us

Are The Gods speaking to Us
Sometimes I wonder is this the time around that the Gods are speaking to us and are we repeating history again with the trend of the gladiators I can say that I love this trend so much and just to name a few you have you have Alexander Wang and Nasty Gal coming out with the most trendy shoes... Enjoy what history has in stores for Us fashion bloggers

Switch up the shade

I really love this post because i was talking about shades the other day and you may also notice the blogger PSIMADETHIS created a wonderful way for me to design my own shades thinking the same thing I was thinking….How cool is this???

Instagram with some shade

So I like to have a little fun in the sun with of course throwing shade as in getting dress and putting on another one of my favorite accessories, sunglasses and this is what I wanted to show some of my bloggers that I have on a nice pair almost everyday and I also have some of the coco&breezy featured shades as well you have to check them out they are some pretty cool twin designers....So here you have it me just playing with fashion